Cleaning your oven

Clean your oven without chemicals and scrubbing!

As much fun as it is cooking, baking and roasting in your oven, the more annoying it is to remove the baked-on food residues. This often means tedious scrubbing, which can cause permanent scratches in the interior and on the baking tray. In addition, even light stains burn themselves into the surfaces of the oven due to the heat and leaves unsightly stains that are difficult to remove. In many cases, stubborn dirt remains in the material despite intensive cleaning.

Numerous guides on the Internet offer tips for cleaning an oven with various household products and chemical cleaners. Some use good old dishwashing soap, others prefer to use an extra paste with the brush attachment. Followers of the Zero Waste movement prefer to use vinegar and baking soda to clean ovens. But the oven never really gets clean. Very stubborn stains mostly persist despite a lot of effort. Removing the remains of chemical oven cleaners without leaving any residue is also tedious. You will finally notice this when you use the oven again for the first time after cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents often leave residues, which for one thing result in unpleasant smells and sometimes toxic fumes!

Clean your oven with the dry steam cleaner

The Thermostar dry steam cleaner can also help with this. The hot water steam dissolves every baked-on stain in your oven. Use the round nylon brush with the stainless steel wool for this. Even baked-on grease and crust on the bottom, side and rear wall can be easily removed with water alone. To do this, move the brush up and down slowly, but with only a little pressure on the target area, until the stain has dissolved from the high temperatures of the dry steam cleaner. Then wipe off the loosened dirt with a dry microfiber cloth. 
Advantage: In addition to saving time, your heavily soiled oven is quickly and efficiently cleared of dirt – without any chemicals.

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